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Must be a valid US bank account.
Only US-based charities and non-profits are supported at this time.


What does Generous cost?

For every item sold through Generous, there is a minimum 5% + 30¢ fee. Generous covers the cost of everything else, including payment processing, ACH bank deposits, bandwidth, and file hosting. There are absolutely no additional fees, and no monthly charges. Sellers can choose to increase the percentage Generous receives in their account settings. Back to top

When can I make a withdrawal from my account?

Sellers can withdraw from their Generous accounts 30 days following an order’s fulfillment date. This 30-day period allows sellers enough time to deal with chargebacks, refunds, and returns before money is disbursed to charities.

Withdrawals require a minimum available Generous balance of $10. The Generous dashboard makes it easy to see how much money you are making, and what is available for withdrawal every day.

Payments are issued via ACH direct deposit. In order to withdraw funds, sellers must provide a valid US bank account and routing number. Back to top

How does the charity portion of Generous work?

A percentage of every transaction on Generous goes to a good cause. For each slider, sellers decide the amount that gets donated (1-100%), and where they want the donation to go. Sellers choose up to 3 possible donation recipients from our list of registered charities, and buyers choose where the final donation goes. Funds are released to charities 30 days following the order fulfillment date. Back to top

Does Generous fulfill orders?

Sellers are responsible for fulfilling all items, excluding digital downloads. Once an item is packed and shipped, sellers mark the item as fulfilled on the Generous dashboard. Funds become available for withdrawal 30 days following the fulfillment date.

Digital downloads are automatically fulfilled, and buyers will receive a secure download link at the time of purchase. These links will also be sent in the emailed receipt.

When shipping physical items, it is important to let buyers know when to expect their tracking number. Sellers should always contact buyers with a tracking number shortly after the purchase has been made.

In the Generous dashboard, sellers can access buyer information for each transaction. If you expect to delay a fulfillment, be sure to communicate this to your buyers via email. Back to top

How do I apply shipping to an item?

Shipping rates may be charged for each item in a slider. Sellers can charge a flat rate, or set different rates based on the country included in the shipping address. Back to top

How do I issue refunds?

Full and partial refunds can be issued from the Generous dashboard within 30 days from the order fulfillment date. After the 30-day period, refunds can only be issued if the seller’s available Generous account balance is greater than the amount being refunded.

There are no fees for refunding a purchase. Funds will be deducted from the seller’s Generous account and issued back to the buyer. Depending on the buyer’s financial institution, the transfer time of these funds may vary. Back to top

What is Generous’ return policy?

Generous has no official return policy. Sellers set their own return policy. Back to top

How do I charge my customers tax?

If local laws require you to collect tax, it is recommended to include the taxable amount in your pricing. Generous does not add sales tax, and buyers are always charged the amount that they choose to pay, with the exception of additional shipping fees. Back to top

How do international payments work?

Generous allows you to accept payments from customers anywhere in the world using all major credit and debit cards. Conversion rates are calculated automatically for payments made in non-US currencies. Currently, all payment details on Generous are displayed in USD. Back to top

Is Generous safe?

Yes! All Generous transactions are sent over a secured, encrypted HTTPS connection. Sensitive data is stored in a PCI compliant environment. Back to top

Will Generous work with my set up?

Generous supports all modern desktop browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari 5+, IE9+) and mobile browsers (supporting HTML5 and SSL). To use Generous, you must have JavaScript and cookies enabled. If you're using a supported browser, but see a message recommending that you upgrade, you may have a extension enabled that is interfering with browser detection. Try disabling your browser extensions to resolve. Back to top

Still need help?

Contact if any issues arise. We’re a small team, but we’ll do what it takes to help you in a timely manner. Back to top