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Sell wherever.
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Be generous.
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  • The pay what you want e-commerce platform.

    Generous allows sellers to set a minimum price and buyers to choose the price they think is fair. To encourage generosity, a percentage of every transaction goes to a good cause.

  • A new way to pay what you want.

    Grab the slider handle to choose your price. The handle always begins on the suggested price. Generous turns the everyday question, "how much does it cost?" into, "how much is it worth?"

  • Socially shareable e-commerce.

    Easily embed sliders anywhere you would a picture or video, or share them across social networks. Checkout takes place right within the slider keeping the experience completely seamless and simple.

  • Charity benefits from every sale.

    To help inspire people to give a little more, 1 to 100% of every transaction on Generous goes to a non-profit or charity.

  • The more you give, the more you get.

    Multiple incentives can be added to a slider to encourage generosity. Generous is founded on the principle that giving is as important as receiving. Amazing things happen when we ask each other to be generous.

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How are people using Generous?

  • Direct-to-fan stores

    Generous can be embedded anywhere on the internet. Russell Brand is using Generous to power his entire online store, giving him the ability to sell merchandise directly to his fans, while donating 10% to the charities he supports. Visit to see it in action.

  • Digital downloads

    Live From Nowhere Near You is a compilation that features both street musicians and world class rock stars. This download contains 65 songs including rare and exclusive tracks from Elliott Smith, Wilco, Bright Eyes, Modest Mouse and more. 100% goes to Outside In.

  • Handmade creations

    These tiny wooden automata sculptures are handmade in Portland, Oregon. Just turn the crank and watch the little red boat sail the wooden waves. Choose from several unique backgrounds. 5% goes to PDX POP NOW.

  • Charitable donations

    Camp Fire Columbia is a Pacific Northwest based non-profit that partners with kids, schools, and families to help build social, academic and life skills in youth. They are now accepting donations using Generous. 100% goes to Camp Fire Columbia.

  • Multi-item bundles

    Choose your price for Pink Martini’s 7" single, "Zundoko-bushi", and you’ll see additional items appear as you increase the price. Pay what you want for digital downloads, a t-shirt, signed vinyl and more. 10% goes to the Derek Rieth Foundation.


  • Grab the handle and choose a price you think is fair.
  • Click the arrow button when you are satisfied.

Generous is born out of the belief that people will be generous if given the opportunity. Most of us have the desire to give more but rarely have the chance. Our mission is to provide this opportunity with a reliable set of tools that allow buyers to choose how generous they'd like to be and for sellers to receive a fair price - all while contributing to a greater social good.

We are an independent company of four based in Portland, Ann Arbor, and Milwaukee — a team of developers, musicians, animators, designers, web enthusiasts, and dreamers. We hope that what we’ve made can help everyone become a little more generous.